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Shipping Container Hire Guide

The Complete Guide To Shipping Container Hire

Thinking of hiring shipping container for use during your home relocation? This quick guide to shipping container hire will help you get done with the things easily. After all, you will need it out for transporting your goods in a safe manner. No matter if you need it for a short while or for a couple of days, having an insight into the shipping container rental will ensure that things go smoother. Below is the information you are looking for:

What Are Shipping Containers?

Wondering what is a shipping container? It’s a container made out of steel or other tough materials that serve in shipment, storage or goods handling purposes. The containers’ design and material may vary according to the shape and purpose they are used for. Container hire companies in Australia like Nationwide Container Hire provide shipping containers which have all previously been used by international freight carriers. There are different types of shipping containers in the industry. Most are made using made of corten steel such as corrugated iron boxes, unit load device, re-use inter-modal containers shipping containers and so on.

Hire Shipping Containers

Top 10 Uses of Shipping Containers

1. Theaters and Bistros

The intermodal shipping containers are being used in open theatres and bistros these days.

2. Schools

In financially poor areas where constructing a building is unaffordable, these containers are being used as a classroom for hosting classes.

3. Restaurants

Restaurants are making the most out of those reprocessed inter-modal containers which serve as a restaurant.

4. Shipping Container Homes

Cargo containers have redefined the way to build spacious homes which are everywhere appreciated.

5. Hotels

You might have seen those cargo containers being used by hotels as a base structure.

6. Workshops
The Corporate world is using inter-modal shipping containers as another place for working.

7. Offices

Experiencing shortage of space for your office? Use Reprocessed shipping containers instead to set yourself free out of space constraints.

8. Emergency Hospital

Want to see a contemporary and innovative use of shipping containers in the real life? Head to emergency hospitals which are using these containers as an ambulance.

9. Portable Toilets

Countries with the lack of lavatories are utilizing inter-modal shipping containers as toilets in the poor regions.

10. Stores

Famous retail chains are giving the aesthetic look to their retails stores by using shipping containers as their base structure to attract customers.

shipping containers

Quick Tips For Hiring Containers

Let this quick guide to shipping container hire help you with the tips for a hassle-free hire. Check out with your local authorities if you really need a permit for hiring containers. Ask the service provider about the delivery fee. Make sure you know your requirements for how long you need the container. Out of various options, locate the size that suits your needs and accommodates the luggage while relocating your home. Make sure you hire a container keeping its prominent features at the front. Before making a hire, precisely inspect the container for dents, holes, rust or any other kind of defect. Confirm if any site preparation is required before shipping container delivery. Talk to multiple suppliers before finalizing the deal.

Cost of Shipping Container Hire in Australia

Could you imagine hiring a shipping container is less than your morning coffee? Yes, it is merely $3.25 a day that won’t burn a hole in our pocket. Moreover, the container rental service will deliver the container right at your doorstep. That means, no hassles at all and gives you no-brainer when you are running under a tight budget.


By now, you might have got a fair insight into shipping container hire. This handy guide to shipping container hire has given you the answers that might be juggling in your mind for a long time. Relocating your home is never a pain if you know what it takes to hire a shipping container. From now onwards, it won’t be a brainer to rent the shipping container.

The 5 Most Common Mistakes I See In Small Business

Common Mistakes I see in Small Business

Common Mistakes Made In Brisbane - Australia

Starting and managing a business is not always an easy task. You have to think about so many things and make critical decisions in the course of trying to make it successful. Though businesses are viewed as quick ways of making easy money and achieving a better lifestyle, their success is not guaranteed. Business owners ought to have good business and financial skills if they want to realize good progress.

There are various common mistakes made by small business owners which tend to pull them back. Listed below, are five common mistakes committed by small business owners.

  • Failing to plan
  • Underpricing the services and products
  • Sidestepping new technology
  • Lacking knowledge about the target customers
  • Failing to set goals


Here are the five Most common mistakes

1. Failing to plan

Failing to plan for your business is like planning for it to fail. Though planning phase is a tiresome process, skipping it can cause your business to fail. The most vital plans that determine the success of all the businesses include; the business plan, the marketing plan and the financial plan. Failure to have any of these plans implies that all decision will be made based on mere speculations and not the reality on the ground.

For the already established businesses, budgeting is also a crucial element of planning. You have to budget for the profit and loss accounts and then generate a cash flow forecast. This is key in ensuring growth of the business.

2. Underpricing the products and services

Most of the times, lack of confidence in your aptitude and panic over failure can make you to undervalue your products and services. Even if it is a strategy that you want to use to capture customers, it is a risky approach that can open up possibilities of frustrations in your business. As much as the strategy can work at initial stages of the business, recovering from underpricing your goods and services is not an easy task. It is therefore essential to do an extensive research about the pricing of whatever goods or services you are selling on the market to ensure that your pricing at the entry point is the best.

3. Sidestepping new technology

In this digital era, technology is vital in ensuring success of any type of business. Technology can offer new opportunities and aid in realizing efficiency at work. Though new technology can be intimidating or even require time to learn and comprehend, it can place you at the top of your competitors and guarantee success to your business. Technology can also minimize the chances of making errors in your business; for instance, with cloud accounting solutions which allows your business accounting software to link with the bank, you can get precise financial information.

4. Lacking knowledge about the target customers

Business growth and success is dependent on its customers. Similarly, a marketing campaign can only be successful if you know the ideal customers for your business. Regardless of the budget allocated to marketing, without the knowledge of the target customers, your business is bound to fail. It is therefore important that you do a thorough market research to ascertain the people you are targeting, their location and their reaction towards

5. Failing to set goals

Knowing what you want to achieve can greatly help to motivate you and keep on the right track. When you start a business, setting goals can help to give you directions. Goals are like destinations in a journey; you must follow the right path to get to your destination. However, it is important that you set the right goals that can be achieved.

Business Mistakes

Other mistakes committed by small business owners include the following:

  • Overspending
  • Under-spending
  • Lack of commitment 
  • Cutting cost rather than driving revenue
  • Lack comprehension between profit and cash flow
  • Financing capital expenditure out of cash flow
  • Poor marketing strategy

These simple common mistakes are the ones that cause small businesses to fail or slow-down their growth. It is therefore important that small business owners avoid them in order to realize growth and success in their businesses. People should stop venturing into businesses just to make more money, seek freedom or as a way of making their lives better without considering vital procedures involved in businesses.